Securejacket- Cash Deposit Bags

  • Perforated Receipt

    Tear-off receipt on closure flap.

  • Write-on Surfaces

    Write-on white inks enable you to write essential information.

  • Closure System

    Permanent, virtually tamperproof VOID adhesive closure is very reliable, and easy-to-use. The closure system ensures protection of your cash and check deposits and important documents. This closure system is very intuitive and effective in protecting against tampering.

  • Side Seal Construction

    Pouch seal and twin seal type construction. Both types of side seal constructions are very reliable and durable, which guard against tampering. The quality and reliability of our side seal construction prevent theft or pilferage of your cash, checks and valuable documents.

  • Bag Construction Styles

    Single or dual compartment bag construction styles are available. Single compartment bags are designed to contain and secure cash and/or check deposits. Dual compartment bags are designed with one pouch for cash and an additional convenient pouch for checks and related processing documentation.

  • Bar Code / Numbering System

    Dual unique alphanumeric or numeric bar codes and sequential numbering with corresponding tear-off receipt on closure flap. Our numbering and bar code capability is extremely reliable and provides for very important process information and a complete audit trail.

Product Description:

PAC's Security Products Program consists of a diverse range of custom tamper-evident plastic security bags. Our Security Products Program is dedicated to providing quality, cost-effective security bags to a variety of industries including financial institutions, armored car carriers, check processors, gaming and national retail store chains. Ideal for shipping and depositing cash, receipts, checks, coins and valuable documents.

Key Features
Securejacket utilizes the latest manufacturing technology to produce our highly tamper-evident plastic security bags with the following key features:
• Extremely durable clear or opaque co-extruded (3-layer structure) polyethylene film
• Permanent, virtually tamper-proof, VOID adhesive closure system
• High strength, tamper-evident side seals
• Dual unique alphanumeric or numeric bar codes with corresponding perforated receipt on
closure flap
• Single or dual compartment bag construction styles
• Write-on white ink surfaces

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