Does your packaging ever go POP? If it does, you have one of two problemsThe first reason a package might burst during shipping is that it is overfilled. If your package is overfilled, the solution is easy. Simply use an expandable mailer to better fit the product. If, however, your product fits nicely inside the mailer and your package still goes POP, you have a different sort of problem. The reason properly packaged mailers burst is because of deficient materials and poor manufacturing.  











One big mistake made by many ecommerce businesses is choosing a shipping mailer for their products based on price, rather than price and VALUEAfterall, that mailer is the only thing standing between your product and the outside world as it travels across the country to your customer. What’s more important to your business than the impression made when a customer first holds your product in their hand? Now, imagine that product arrives in a package with popped seals and broken components.   

So, how do you find a good VALUE in a shipping mailer? First, look for a reputable manufacturer. Find out what kind of material makes up their mailers, the techniques used to make it strong, and ask for a consultation on benefits/drawbacks of different mailer styles for your specific shipping needs. Also, pay attention to the company’s customer base. If they consistently work for successful ecommerce companies, it is more likely they provide a good product.  

What to look for in a strong shipping mailer:  

Material: PAC mailers are made from a triple layer co-extruded polyethylene. That’s a fancy way of saying the material used to make our mailers is strong. Three layers of polyethylene film provide moisture resistance, puncture resistance, and high tear strength.  

Construction: If a package is going to pop, it almost always does so at the seams, which is why construction methods are so important. Side weld, heat-sealed seams, and bottom fold construction provide superior bursting strength.  

Closure System: The weakest point of any package is the closure. An easy, pressure-sensitive, tamper-evident self-seal with superior adhesive helps the seal stay in place.  

Resist the urge to think of packaging as a commodity that can be purchased anywhere. Properly protecting your products can make or break your customer’s impression of your ecommerce business. Find a packaging partner that specializes in structurally sound packaging with tested materials and practices, and you can rest easy that you’ve found the right combination price and value in your shipping mailers.