Cold chain packaging is a system of packaging and shipping goods maintaining a consistent temperature from manufacture to final destination. Although it may seem like cold chain packaging is a complex endeavor best reserved for highly-temperature sensitive goods, the truth is cold chain packaging has benefits that outweigh the costs for many types of products. Choosing the right cold chain packaging partner can make temperature controlled shipping easy and less intimidating. Here are three reasons why you should make the switch to cold chain packaging:


  1. Reduce losses and protect product quality. It is no surprise that temperature-sensitive products are much more susceptible to losses during the shipping process. In the case of pharmaceuticals, even a slight temperature variation can reduce efficacy of the substance or deem it completely unsafe and useless. Other perishables, such as cosmetics, may need only to maintain a certain temperature range to ensure optimum freshness throughout transport. Different levels of cold chain protection are available to meet the specific needs of each type of product, giving manufacturers the ability to tailor their shipping containers to the level of protection needed. Consistently reducing product losses can quickly offset the cost of cold chain thermal packaging and lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction.


  1. Consumers will demand it. Consumers in the digital age are armed with an abundance of information and choices. Most are keenly aware of where products come from, how they are stored and shipped and what type of quality they should expect. The expectation of a high-quality product, delivered quickly at a competitive price is greater than ever before. Cold chain insulated packaging gives consumers the peace of mind that the product they receive is fresh and the company cares about what they are selling. It gives you an edge on your competition and promotes transparency in product sourcing.



  1. Goods Distribution Standards are changing. Across the world there has been a renewed focus on setting and raising standards for cold chain shipping of perishable goods. Products for medicinal use are under particular scrutiny. As the world adopts new regulations, manufacturers will be forced to reevaluate shipping practices and could face penalties for non-compliance. Aligning with a trusted and knowledgeable packaging manufacturer and setting up the proper systems to deliver your products through cold chain packaging will save time and money as future regulations change. Experienced cold chain packaging providers can assist you in finding compliant packaging solutions, and they are always working toward new solutions to keep you in compliance with changing regulations worldwide.


Cost, compliance and efficiency are all important considerations when choosing packaging for a product. Different products may require different levels of cold protection, further complicating packaging choices. The good news is that advancements in manufacturing and product development have made cold chain packaging easier and less expensive than ever.

In response to high demand, trusted packaging manufacturers, like PAC, have developed cold chain packaging solutions consisting of thermal mailers, thermal box liners, and thermal rollstock to make it easier for products to reach their destinations safely. PAC has packaging specialists that can help you choose the right containment system to meet any temperature-controlled shipping need.