When you think about packaging, what are the first thoughts that come to mind … boxes, cushion wrap, tape, packing paper and maybe peanuts?  But what is the one thing that is more versatile than any of those items … and most of us forget about?  Stretch Wrap.  I know, you might say, “that’s the stuff they use to wrap pallets”, or “isn’t that what aunt Alice used to wrap her midsection with to fit into that dress?”  Yes and no.  It is used in industrial applications for pallets; and that was Saran Wrap for Aunt Alice.

Everyone knows what Saran Wrap is – well Stretch Wrap is Saran Wrap on a massive dose of steroids.  Millions of pallets in warehouses all over the world are wrapped with Stretch Wrap.  In fact, the US uses 3 Billion (that is “B”) pounds of this stuff every year … but it is not just for pallets!!

Stretch Wrap is an often overlooked material with BIG potential.

Have you ever had several items you were trying to carry and just couldn’t seem to manage the awkward shapes and sizes?   … a little stretch wrap will fix that.
Have you started to move a dresser or cabinet only to have the doors pop open … a little stretch wrap will fix that.

Have you taken apart a bed or a desk and set the attachment brackets/screws aside only to try and put it back together again weeks or months later and cannot find those screws … a little stretch wrap will fix that.
You get the idea:

bundling yard tools together for moving  …  containing those cords and wires that dangle everywhere  …  a quick close for that open bag of nuts or candy (really) …  wrapping together those joysticks, remotes, and consoles when taking your PS3 over to a friend’s  …  fire wood (winter is here)  …  and the list goes on and on and on.

My wife has taken this to a whole new level.  The items in her carry on are a neck pillow, a good book, her purse and a 5” roll of stretch wrap.  What could be better for bundling ANYTHING and it sticks to itself!!
So the next time you are working around the house or getting on a plane don’t forget the STRETCH WRAP.  Remember … a little stretch wrap will fix that.