(SEATTLE, WA) – Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Rethink. That’s the new mantra at PAC Worldwide, as the flexible protective packaging leader adds a fourth strategic pillar to the three “R’s of environmental sustainability.  And, to introduce its new 4-square model, the company is embarking on a major outreach initiative with employees, customers, vendors and related partners across its global supply chain.

The impetus for PAC’s “Rethink Sustainability” program comes from increasing evidence that shows stakeholders across the spectrum struggling with how best to manage sustainability. While most embrace its virtues, dealing with the complexities of implementation continue to pose stiff challenges. Variances in definition and universally agreed upon metrics, operational constraints, and market dynamics are among the hurdles companies face.

Consumer recycling rates for both paper and plastics remain stubbornly low, as has overall demand for more expensive post-recycled product used in the manufacturing process.  Economics certainly factor into the equation, but so do education and belief systems about sustainable outcomes – some of which are rooted in perceptions that aren’t always supported by facts.  Add the exponential growth of e-commerce and single-use packaging to the mix, and it’s apparent that the need for new insights and ideas for advancing sustainability have never been greater.

PAC Worldwide plans to be a catalyst for that collective discussion. Through a series of “Renewable Roundtables,” management is bringing together professionals across its packaging eco-system in an effort to discover and share best practices, better understand challenges and solutions, as well as establish realistic goals based on financial and operating constraints.

Jim Boshaw, PAC Worldwide President & CEO, recognizes there are no easy answers. “When you’re dealing with an issue of this magnitude, no single company – regardless of size – has the ultimate solution. It takes a coordinated response to achieve impact on a global scale. Because of our company infrastructure and the network of suppliers with whom we partner, we have the opportunity – and responsibility – to help facilitate those discussions.”

In addition to company-sponsored Renewable Roundtables, PAC is supporting the “Rethink Sustainability” campaign by curating and publishing key research findings,  spotlighting innovative company initiatives, and increasing advocacy and awareness through industry groups such as the Association for Plastic Recyclers (APR). PAC is recognized as an APR Recycling Demand Champion, thanks to its commitment to utilize post-consumer resin in its “work in process” (WIP) durable goods.