(SEATTLE, WA) – How does branded packaging enhance the customer experience for e-commerce companies? At what production volumes should a company start to seriously consider automated packaging solutions? How is recycled plastic re-shaping the way we think about sustainability?

These are just a few of the subjects to be tackled in “Let’s Talk Packaging,” a new podcast launched by Seattle-based PAC Worldwide. The global company created the monthly series to help educate customers about trends, best practices, and innovations in packaging today.

With content that legitimately qualifies as out of the box (and, in PAC’s case, into the bag or pouch), the series features subject matter experts engaging in short question-and-answer interviews that tackle a variety of topics related to flexible packaging. One of the more distinctive aspects of each bi-weekly episode, which run 30 minutes, is the non-technical tone.

That’s by design. PAC President Steve Foster said, “The podcast is focused more on the “why” of what we do, not the “how.” In exploring innovation, for example, we want to provide listeners with brief, but relevant context that frames the challenges customers face in bringing their products to market. That, in turn, informs the solutions we create and, most importantly, the outcomes produced.”

Production on the pilot began late last year, with initial episodes aimed primarily at PAC Worldwide distributors. Ultimately, “Let’s Talk Packaging” will expand its audience reach, utilizing the company’s website as well as other online, digital, and social channels.



About PAC Worldwide

Founded in 1975, PAC Worldwide Corporation has been a leader and innovator in the development and manufacturing of customized packaging and contract packaging solutions for more than 40 years. The privately-owned company employs more than 1,400 team members through operations in the US, UK, Mexico, and Malaysia.

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