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Press Releases

New Build-a-Mailer App on

PAC Worldwide has developed a new creative online app called the Build-A-Mailer. The Build-a-Mailer, found on, gives users the opportunity to design and brand their own mailer online.


PAC Worldwide Introduces the Pouchjacket

In response to their customers’ need for a protective packaging solution for their retail/food products, PAC Worldwide has created the Pouchjacket line. These pouches are made with effective laminated barrier film structures that protect the contents and allow for long shelf-life.


PAC Worldwide Introduces the Clearjacket

PAC Worldwide is now offering the Clearjacket. This costeffective protective bubble bag gives product in transit an extra layer of protection while cutting down on unnecessary loose-fill packaging.


PAC Worldwide Meets High Standards of ISO Certification

The ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems Standard is a testament to PAC Worldwide’s commitment to the quality of the products they manufacture and deliver to customers every day. These high standards have enabled PAC to continually meet their customers’ expectations year after year and be regarded as a leader in innovative packaging solutions worldwide.


PAC’s Securejacket featured on “Let’s Talk Packaging”

In this episode adventurous host, Erin Smith, tries her best to break into the ultra-secure and tamper-evident Securejacket by PAC Worldwide. From a chisel, to a blow torch, to C-4, she’ll try anything to get the cash out of that Securejacket!