We hear a lot about our packaging choices … paper, poly, recyclable, foam-in-place, biodegradable, the list is a long one.  There is a huge amount of work that goes into packaging choices, implementation, and delivery when that time can be better spent on many other aspects of your business.

What is your company’s process of packaging and sending your products out to your customers?  How about promotional mailings or samples to potential clients?  Many companies start by finding a packaging source, staging the products or collating the kits to send, and then waiting for the arrival of the packaging.  Others find a packaging supply company, find a fulfillment company, and then coordinate the timing of the packing materials, packaging process, and finished manufactured component.    This can get a bit complicated … trying to marry and synchronize all these different timelines into one fluid and efficient schedule.

Wouldn’t it be nice to make one call and be done?  You can!  Integrated Contract Packagers (or ICP’s) are companies that manufacture packaging as well as provide a full array of packing services and deliveries.   You may have a need for products to be Shrink-wrapped, put in a Blister Pack or a Clamshell, or to be Kitted and put into a mailer or box and shipped directly to your customer.  What if you just have a need for Inspection of products or Sorting or Pick-and-Pack order fulfillment?  Where can you get any or all of that done with one phone call?  Find an ICP.

Wouldn’t it be great to send your various SKUs to a company with your mailing list and a ship by date, then move on to something else … like growing your customer base?  Can you really just make one call and not have to worry about the rest of the packaging/kitting/shipping equation?  Yes you can.

PAC Worldwide is an ICP.  It is your One-Stop Shop.  We manufacture and sell a full array of packaging products from mailers, bubble, soft goods bags and boxes to void fill and more.  PAC manufactures packaging materials; provides in-house Contract Packaging and Fulfillment services.

One-Stop service … One-Call and everything you need is on the other side of that phone.  We offer a service and ease of doing business that is unmatched.  The next time you have a packaging project … make ONE call…… to PAC Worldwide.  It is a call you will never regret.  (513) 260-8131.