Many employees, and to a certain degree, business owners fear the word “automation”.  Whether it be because of the uncertainty of being replaced by a cyborg like in the movie “I, Robot” starring Will Smith or having a machine wreak havoc like our friend Arnold in “Terminator”. 

Most people do not realize that in order to effectively integrate automation there still needs to be a manual component. 

Good employees never need to worry about whether they will be replaced because every organization can utilize their skill sets in other areas of the business that may need their attention.  The employees that show no dedication to their craft or bring value to the organization show the most resistance to finding the right automated solution. 

Be responsible to your organization by not letting go of your most valuable assets:  people and money.  Keep your valued employees and spend money in a fiscally responsible manner which sometimes means automating your business one piece of equipment at a time. 

To steal a line from our favorite former Governator, “I’ll be back”… discuss more on the topic of automation and systems.