I was over at my parent’s house the other day as they needed some assistance in cleaning out their garage. They are older and are looking to get rid of their clutter. Their garage contained the usual junk you find in a garage. What surprised me the most was the amount of Styrofoam coolers that they had accumulated in their garage. They receive all of their medication thru the mail and this includes pharmaceuticals that need to be kept cool while in transit. It is amazing how much space 30 styrofoam coolers took up in their garage.

This got me thinking, if 30 of these take up this much space in my parents garage, think of how much warehouse space these take up in the pharmacy that is sending out hundreds or thousands of these per day.  Also think about the additional shipping charges for this bulky item.  There has got to be a better alternative, and there is, the CoolJacket by PAC Worldwide.  Add a couple gel packs to these thermal mailers and they will keep your items cool while in transit.

Next time I go to clean out my parent’s garage (which I hope is not for a long time), I hope to see it piled high with CoolJackets versus Styrofoam coolers!