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Bubbleman vs. Ichiro

So I come home from work the other night and my boys are playing upstairs.  One is holding an Ichiro bobble head doll and the other is holding 2 Bubbleman bobble head dolls.  The battle was on! “Dad, who do you think will win the battle?”  …Suddenly I am in “random thoughts of a packingContinue Reading

Green Washing and the Wild Wild West

We all know that rules were made up as we went along in the Wild Wild West.  As we get deeper and deeper into the need for standardization of “environmentally favorable products”, we get further and further away from the truth, and it seems the rules are getting made up as we go along hereContinue Reading

Hmm… where to start?

Where does one start in order to find the right amount of automation for your organization?  A return on investment (ROI) report that is a collaborative effort between your supplier and your key internal personnel who understand all of your costs of doing business is a great place to start. I always encourage customers toContinue Reading

Your package has arrived…uh oh

Wrong Size,        Wrong Color,               Wrong Style,                       Just don’t like it,                                 Want to return it!                                                 Send it back. How do I package it? If your retailer uses a dual peel n seal PolyJacket from PAC you have the package in your hands already. How does it work – The retailerContinue Reading

Your Mailer is Prime Marketing Real Estate

As a marketing professional it’s hard for me to grasp why a top retailer, or any company shipping out product, would send their customer’s order in an unattractive, hard to open, and sometimes even unprotective package.  It not only makes the retailer look sloppy and careless, but may cost them extra money in returns forContinue Reading

What do Bubble Mailers Have Over Mayflies?

Answer: Longer lifespan…but not by much!  The adult Mayfly, found in the lower half of the United States, lives only one or two nights, while the average life of a mailer, once it has been filled and labeled, only lasts about 3-5 days. Given the fact that you want to make sure your products arriveContinue Reading

Poly or Paper?

Seems like a simple question.  It is a packaging decision that comes up a lot and not just at the grocery store.  Neither is natural, yet both come from nature.  One comes from processing of wood or pulp fiber and one comes from processing of oil or gas derivatives. Which is better for the environment? Continue Reading

Automating your Business

Many employees, and to a certain degree, business owners fear the word “automation”.  Whether it be because of the uncertainty of being replaced by a cyborg like in the movie “I, Robot” starring Will Smith or having a machine wreak havoc like our friend Arnold in “Terminator”.  Most people do not realize that in orderContinue Reading

Sell More Product with Packaging

Want to make your packaging sell more of your product?  Try printing on your shipping mailers.  Printing can be as simple as your return address all the way to full color photographs.   Color printing will make your company name stand out and your customers will be excited to open the mailer and get their handsContinue Reading

For the Love of Mothers

Once you have a baby, you start receiving package after package on your doorstep (mostly purchased by you online). Today I came home and discovered yet another very large box stuffed with plastic air-filled pillows, wrapped around an item that fits into the palm of my hand, that wouldn’t break if I tossed it acrossContinue Reading