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Automating your Business

Many employees, and to a certain degree, business owners fear the word “automation”.  Whether it be because of the uncertainty of being replaced by a cyborg like in the movie “I, Robot” starring Will Smith or having a machine wreak havoc like our friend Arnold in “Terminator”.  Most people do not realize that in order

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Sell More Product with Packaging

Want to make your packaging sell more of your product?  Try printing on your shipping mailers.  Printing can be as simple as your return address all the way to full color photographs.   Color printing will make your company name stand out and your customers will be excited to open the mailer and get their hands

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For the Love of Mothers

Once you have a baby, you start receiving package after package on your doorstep (mostly purchased by you online). Today I came home and discovered yet another very large box stuffed with plastic air-filled pillows, wrapped around an item that fits into the palm of my hand, that wouldn’t break if I tossed it across

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Plastic, an Energy Source

Did you know that plastic packaging is also a stored energy source? If you are using plastic mailers, with or without bubble, chances are they were made with polyethylene resin.  If so, then you are really sending out small stored energy sources with each shipment. Polyethylene can be recycled over and over again, and when

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Random thoughts that run thru a packaging guys’ head and that of his family

Scenario: The doorbell rings, the UPS man has dropped yet another package on our doorstep. Thoughts: My wife: SWEET, my new jeans are here! My kids: Whoa that box is huge, what can I make out of it? Me: Sales lead! This is an easy one…jeans don’t need a box. A poly mailer is lighter

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