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The Importance of Right-Sizing Your Packaging

Don’t oversize your package, right-size it! When it comes to choosing a shipping package, bigger doesn’t mean better. Bulky corrugated boxes with infill material are wasteful and expensive. It’s time to say Good-bye to the corrugated box and Hello to a new generation of efficient packaging materials that provide product protection and come in a

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5 Reasons to Love Shipping Products in Poly Mailers

What if you could improve cost, increase fulfillment speed, enhance customer satisfaction and reduce your carbon footprint with one simple business decision? We’ll give you the secrets to help you do it all! When you ship in a right-sized poly mailer, you will: Lower your shipping costs. Boxes are expensive to ship to and from

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Flexible Packaging: How and Why to Make the Switch

Whether you’ve boxed up your products in rigid cardboard for over a decade or have yet to package your first item, it is time to look at flexible packaging. While the rigid cardboard box may feel safe, traditional and trusted, forward-thinking companies know that flexible packaging can offer better sustainability, higher customers satisfaction and cost-savings.

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PAC’s Custom Packaging Design Support

From the second it leaves your business to the moment it reaches your customers hands, each product you ship is likely to be seen by dozens of people as it crisscrosses the country on the way to its destination. Does your package stand out in that bland sea of white and brown? Do you benefit

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Which packaging solution is right for your business?

Are you new to packaging and unsure about your options? Or are you hand-packing mailers and ready for the next level? Maybe you’re growing rapidly and ready to bring in an automated solution. Exploring all your packaging solutions, at every stage of shipping, is equally as important as the product you put into the package.

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Choosing the Right Bubble Cushion

Find the right size bubble cushion for your items based on size, weight and durability. Discover ideal bubble rolls and mailers for your package with PAC.

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PAC Worldwide is hiring!

Welcome to PAC Worldwide, where we need YOUR talent to take us to the next level! Apply online at

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Calculating the Right Sized Mailer for your Packaging Needs

At first glance, PAC mailers of varying sizes look like they all could fit the same product. Even physically placing an item on top of each mailer seems to ensure an easy fit. But finding the right size package is more involved than eyeing its size and shape. Did you know there is a mathematical

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Dual Peel-N-Seal Feature on PAC Packaging

PAC’s Dual Peel-n-Seal makes returns easier with less waste. This eco-friendly, reusable and recyclable product feature ensures two uses with every shipment: one for intial sealing to send to customers, and one for customers to seal and return to the retailer. Make returns convenient for customers with package cost savings and hassle free returns.

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Quality Metallic Mailer Technology

PAC’s metallic Airjacket mailers are rigid and tear resistant, not floppy like competitors’. Metallic mailers offer good quality, structure, and security in a variety of colors. Help your product look great, stand out and stay secure with strong side seals and more.

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