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How to Plan Ahead to Maximize Earnings in the Fourth Quarter

Today is the first official day of Fall and the perfect time to begin preparing for the busy holiday season.   [bctt tweet=”Today is the 1st official day of Fall and the perfect time to begin preparing for the busy holiday season.”]   Yes, I know it totally snuck up on us. The weather mayContinue Reading


Is Back-to-school Shopping Losing its Nostalgia?

We shop for most everything else online, so why are we still doing our back-to-school shopping in stores? [bctt tweet=”We shop for most everything else online, so why are we still doing our back-to-school shopping in stores?”] Longstanding Tradition Back-to-school shopping has been a longstanding tradition of kids excitedly browsing the isles for folders withContinue Reading


How to Prepare for Back-to-School

Custom pouches

It seems summer has flown by all too fast, but somehow it’s that time of year again… Back-to-School!!   It can be an exciting time for kids to start a new grade and see all of the friends they may not have seen during the summer. But it can also be a time of anxietyContinue Reading

Announcing PAC’s Awesome New Mailer vs. Box App!

Comparing the Cost Implications of using Poly Bubble Mailers vs. Corrugated Boxes I am excited to announce that we have a new addition to the Useful Tools section of our site – the new “Mailer vs. Box” Super Calculator! If you’ve been keeping up with DIM weights, then you’ve likely seen the useful DIM Weight calculatorsContinue Reading

Dimensional (DIM) Weights Revisited [SlideShare]

Today I’m discussing a topic that received a flurry of attention just over 6 months ago – Dimensional (DIM) weights. I know we’ve touched on the subject before, but for those of you who still have questions or have yet to evaluate how you can cut shipping costs on your current packaging, this post isContinue Reading

Confused about What Packaging is Best to Ship your Product in? [SlideShare]

So was I. Every time I would have to ship something, I’d worry that it was either going to get damaged during transit or I was going to overpay in shipping. It got to the point where I would insist on buying gifts for my family and friends online so that the VENDOR would haveContinue Reading

Taking a Closer look at PAC’s 3 Levels of Security Bags

How many of you knew that PAC produces a line of security bags called Securejackets? Probably not many of you… and by no fault of your own. While exhibiting recently at a vendor show in Dallas, I soon realized what a poor job we were doing at getting the word out about this unique product.Continue Reading


Recycling rules can be confusing… How long have you stood in front of recycling bins debating whether to Compost, Recyclable, or Trash? We can help explain how to recycle poly mailers and other common packaging. Knowing how to recycle bubble roll, or how to reuse padded envelopes, not only helps out the planet but saves yourContinue Reading

Quick Note on Poly Bubble Mailers

Quick note in relation to my Poly vs. Kraft Bubble Mailers post:  One clever way to get two or more sizes from just one size of poly mailers is to fold down the top excess of the mailer and use the glue strip to seal where appropriate, creating a snug fit around around your item. ThisContinue Reading

You’ve Chosen Your Bubble Mailer. Now What? Printed Mailers Perhaps?

Evo campaign

You have referenced my latest blog and successfully chosen the most appropriate bubble mailer to ship your product – now what?? Knowing where to start can be daunting, and it’s easy to miss a few key factors when making a packaging decision. So let me walk you through the steps from mailer selection to yourContinue Reading