So I come home from work the other night and my boys are playing upstairs.  One is holding an Ichiro bobble head doll and the other is holding 2 Bubbleman bobble head dolls.  The battle was on!

“Dad, who do you think will win the battle?” 

…Suddenly I am in “random thoughts of a packing guy” mode!

This is a hard one.  Ichiro is amazing! He has batting titles, golden gloves, MVP’s, future 1st ballot Hall of Famer.  But I then think to myself, wait a second, Ichiro is getting old, he is all of 38 now, slowing down, hitting under 300, not getting his standard 200+ hits this year, can’t jump as high as he is used to, is not 100% recyclable and he is going against 2 Bubbleman bobble heads not one.

Then I think of Bubbleman and the adventures he has had providing countless packaging solutions (saving money, time and promoting “green” products) for people and businesses worldwide. Not to mention the fact that his cape is made of PAC Worldwide bubble that is 100% recyclable, he can FLY, he’s smart and there are 2 of them.  This one is a no brainer…

“Dad!  Who do you think will win the battle?”

 “Boys who do you think will win the battle?”