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Ecommerce and Brick & Mortar retailers have a lot to think about this busy season

If you are in retail (online or offline), you are in the thick of the busy season and it just seems to be getting busier!   Things to think about today   Labor   Companies are hiring tons of temporary labor for the holidays and fewer and fewer are working the registers in brick and

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The busy season for ecommerce is now year round!

One of the objections to going with automation for ecomm fulfillment companies has been “the busy season”.  Companies not able to justify going with a system because their busy season is too short (September- December) and they are concerned the system would not get utilized to its fullest capabilities. Based on the overwhelming success of

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Bubble Mailers are everywhere…well not exactly

Last week PAC Worldwide had the pleasure of being a sponsor at the Last Mile Fulfillment Asia 2106 show (#LMFASIA) in Singapore. 100 exhibitors, 90 speakers and over 2300 attendants, focused on the “Last Mile” of e-commerce in South East Asia and the theme of “Ecommerce Beyond Borders”.  It was a fascinating, action-packed couple of

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Ever wonder what you can pack in padded mailers?

Kraft bubble mailers, also known as padded mailers are a great alternative to boxes when shipping certain small products that need a little protection.  What products you ask?  Well here is a short list: – Books (hard/soft cover)) – CD’s – DVD’s – Video Games – Mobile phones – Mobile Phone accessories – IPAD’s and

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How do you know if an Smart Automated Packaging Machine is right for your company?

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It is a good question.  One that is probably being asked over and over again in e-commerce companies around the world as they contemplate how to keep up with demand or how to increase output while decreasing labor costs.  There is a lot that goes into making a decision when it comes to purchasing an

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Announcing the PACjacket Automated Packaging Machine 18-20 Packages per Minute!

We are excited to offer you the next generation of our highly successful PACjacket Systems line, the PACjacket automated packaging machine. A revolutionary design that uses only one web of film, is faster than our previous versions, has a smaller footprint, and still… no expensive cold seal. The PACjacket can run standard 7/64” bubble film, 1/2”

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