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Taking a Closer look at PAC’s 3 Levels of Security Bags

How many of you knew that PAC produces a line of security bags called Securejackets? Probably not many of you… and by no fault of your own. While exhibiting recently at a vendor show in Dallas, I soon realized what a poor job we were doing at getting the word out about this unique product.

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How to Make a Smarter Choice: Poly Bubble Mailers vs. Kraft Bubble Mailers

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You ship several items of varying shapes and sizes. You know boxes are bulky and dimensional (DIM) weight costs are rising. You’ve done your research and have decided using bubble mailers, rather than slim poly mailers, will provide the extra padding and protection you’re seeking to ship your product.  Now to decide between poly bubble

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Now it is Time to Really Think (and get) Outside of the Box

Target custom Polyjacket

We have been working with our customers for years on getting them to “think outside of the box”. I know this term is overused and we have all heard it and used it far too many times, but here at PAC we have been working with our customers to not only think outside of the

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Ever wonder what you can pack in padded mailers?

Kraft bubble mailers, also known as padded mailers are a great alternative to boxes when shipping certain small products that need a little protection.  What products you ask?  Well here is a short list: – Books (hard/soft cover)) – CD’s – DVD’s – Video Games – Mobile phones – Mobile Phone accessories – IPAD’s and

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How do you know if an Smart Automated Packaging Machine is right for your company?

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It is a good question.  One that is probably being asked over and over again in e-commerce companies around the world as they contemplate how to keep up with demand or how to increase output while decreasing labor costs.  There is a lot that goes into making a decision when it comes to purchasing an

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#packaging101 Are the dimensions of PAC’s product stated in outside or inside?

We generally will supply quotes for inside dimensions thus giving the actual interior space for product. You will find this spelled out clearly in our formal quotations.

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