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Savings on top of Savings

In today’s ultra-competitive e-commerce markets, consumers are constantly comparing prices between multiple company websites.  E-sellers need to factor in many pricing variables.  Besides the actual cost of the goods themselves, packaging and fulfillment costs can make or break a sale. Many of these companies are inserting their customer invoices/paperwork into adhesive backed packing list envelopes

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Unique Security

Attention all small and large retailers, franchise owners and local banking institutions! What is your current method for bank deposits? Are you keeping it old school with the blue vinyl zip bags? And local banks, what are you providing your customers who bank with you? PAC Worldwide is not only about bubble. We are a

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Baby, it’s Cold Inside

I was over at my parent’s house the other day as they needed some assistance in cleaning out their garage. They are older and are looking to get rid of their clutter. Their garage contained the usual junk you find in a garage. What surprised me the most was the amount of Styrofoam coolers that

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Packing Noodle…or Planting Noodle?

Spring is upon us and when I think of Spring, I think of planting and flowering pots. OK, maybe not, but my wife does. And when I say flower pots, I mean POTS -BIG ones. The ones we have are 24” across at the top and 16” deep. They are made of plastic so they

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Big Bubbles in a Mailer????? YES we Did!

If you are like me, you probably send gift cards for presents to your family and friends. Why? Well because they are fast and easy to buy and can be placed inside the card, right? But equally as important you don’t have to buy a box, wrapping paper and tape. And that is if you

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Thinking Outside the Box

Yes, I really said that.  I know it is one of the most overused clichés’ in the past 10 years, but hear me out, it really applies here.  If you are an internet retailer, or a large consumer of boxes, to ship your products to your customers in, I am asking you to reconsider and

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