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You only get one Chance to Leave a First Impression

Those of us in the packaging industry are often noticing things that those outside the packaging industry notice less frequently. Around the holidays many of us get a variety of things sent to us in the mail.  The quality and type of the packaging varies quite a bit. Some items I received came in a basic

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Is a Mailer just a Mailer?

Awe, the month of Love.  Romeo said, “What’s in a name?  That which we call a rose … by any other name would smell as sweet.”  If a rose by any other name is still a rose, is a package by any other name still a package?  A box is a box is a box?  A

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There’s an APP for that!

Apple® marketing is pretty amazing. The “there’s an App for that” commercial, really makes you think there is an App for everything. Come to think of it with over 40,000 apps available there probably is an App for everything. Even my kids have had a taste of the Kool-Aid and say “dad, there has to

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Shipping Hardcover Books

I received a book in the mail and it came in a rigid cardboard package. It was probably the hardest to open package I’ve ever received. There were no easy tear pull tabs, just one perforated line down the middle of the mailer. So I proceeded to rip the mailer in half along this perforation.

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Santa’s Busy Helpers – Good News for the Economy

When it comes to shipping packages, no other time of year comes close to the volume shipped in the month of December. On December 13th, FedEx expects to ship 17 million packages in one day, or more than double their normal daily volume. UPS will ship close to 120 million packages the week leading up

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So You Want to Get Noticed!

If you send out various mailings to promote your business, documents, photos, and product literature try using a rigid paperboard mailer. PAC’s rigid paperboard mailers are called MailJackets. They are recycled paperboard envelopes that are strong, rigid and printable. Why would I use a Mailjacket over a traditional envelope?   Studies show that people will open a rigid document mailer over

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