The team at PAC has recently developed a list of five core values along with brief definitions that provide clarity:

Integrity – We act with honest intentions and consistently adhere to high standards of moral ethical values.
Innovation – We actively pursue creative solutions, fully aware they can happen anywhere
in our company
Teamwork – Respecting and supporting other team members allows us to achieve greatness.
Quality – Our baseline is to deliver excellence.
Accountability – Dedicated to meeting expectations every time, on time.

These values help each of us as employees as well as to help our customers to know
what our core values are.

These will help to guide decision making at all levels. It will also help to let prospective employees know what is important to be sure they are a good match. They can also help our customers to feel great about working with a company that embodies these values. It will help us to provide the service and products that customers want and need.

We are proud of these values and everything that they communicate.