I’ve recently gotten more serious about recycling. I go through 2 – 3 plastic water bottles just about every day. And every day I place the empty bottles in a bag just outside my kitchen door in my garage. But what happens when that bag gets full? Do I know where my nearest recycling drop spot is? No. I admit, I haven’t scoped out the neighborhood recycling hot spot. So alas, I tie up the bag full of plastic bottles, set it aside and bring out a fresh bag ready to take its bottles. If only the local recycling drop off was as easy as a dual seal poly mailer from PAC.

Yes, as a packaging sales rep, that is EXACTLY what I sigh and think about while contemplating recycling woes. I daydream about the peace of mind an online customer of books, shoes, latest spring fashions, jewelry, you name it has when receiving their highly anticipated package delivered in a dual seal PolyJacket or AirJacket. If that cute dress you just HAD to have because of the free shipping for the next 22 minutes happens to be a tad too big… well, no fret my pet! You can simply place that dress into the same bag it arrived in. Peel back the second adhesive seal liner and close the bag up for returning. No need for creation of your own reality TV series, “Packaging Hunters – The Down and Dirty Reality of Garage and Back of Closet Searching To Avoid Paying for Returned Packaging Packages!” 

So maybe that T.V. series idea is a stretch. But Bravo or TLC better send me a check if they ever catch wind of my concept. Chances are, they won’t with more and more e-tailers shipping with PAC’s dual seal mailers. Not only are PAC’s dual seal mailers 100% recyclable but also 100% reusable immediately. A matter of trying that dress on and shipping back same day! Ease of return for the customer, return packaging consistency for the manufacturer, smooth and easy process all around.

I wish online customers the right size the first time around. But isn’t it nice to know PAC is out there providing creative packaging recycling solutions? I think I’ll look up my local recycling drop spot now. PAC Worldwide is doing their job to sustain the environment. It’s time I follow through and do mine!