What happened to customer service?  It seems that in the busy world we live in where we are constantly bombarded with information and pitches to “buy here” No… “buy here and save 10%” we have lost sight of what good customer service means.

Last fall I had a poor customer service experience with a repair shop for my lawn mower.  The weather is getting warmer and my grass is starting to green up and since I did not get adequate service last fall, my mower needed a spring service.  After calling a few shops I ended up driving more than an hour out of my way to get the work done.

This retailer was courteous, pleasant to deal with, and even advised that the work I was told I needed was not really necessary, thus saving me money.  This retailer has won a new customer as a result.  I may have spent a bit more money and time but in the end I did not have to deal with the hassle of a rude and untrustworthy dealer.

What does this have to do with packaging and PAC? – nothing and everything.  PAC does not repair lawn mowers but they do provide outstanding customer service. PAC customer service is second to none in the packaging industry.  They are staffed by a group of people that have several years of service and extensive knowledge of the products and more importantly the capabilities to get the job done and done right. More often than not you are met with a live voice not a recording.  In the rare occasion they do not have a swift answer they are quick to understand the question and seek out a solution.  Customers repeatedly give them high marks and comment on how refreshing it is to deal with people that genuinely care about their business.

So in this fast paced business climate we all work and live in, true Customer Service stands out and is rewarded.  You may drive 5 minutes out of your way on your way to work because you know you will get a smile with that cup of coffee.  You may wait in line a few extra spots because a certain cashier will ask you how your kids are doing.  In the end we all want to be treated with respect and courteously.  You get this each and every time you contact PAC customer service.