With the increased presence of online shopping in today’s marketplace, there are a number of factors that play a role in companies determining their sell prices.

In order to gain a competitive edge, many e-tailers are looking beyond the cost of their products being sold. The recent trend has been a focus on their packaging methods.

The days of shipping everything in a box are over. These companies have realized there are significant savings by transitioning to protective mailers.

Clothing and soft goods are being packed in flat poly mailers. DVDs, cosmetics, and jewelry are sent out in poly bubble mailers. Photos, calendars, tickets, and promotional literature are going in  rigid paperboard mailers.

The cost of these items is less than boxes, but the majority of savings is in their labor and freight costs. Employees that work in the shipping department have determined they can triple their packing speeds by eliminating boxes, essentially cutting their labor by 66%.

A recent customer using flat poly mailers compared shipping costs and found out they have saved over $1 on every package’s courier rate. Over the course of one year, these dollars will certainly add up.

So, jump on board and start putting these savings in your pocket! Or consider investing the savings back into the package by printing your company logo/message and help reinforce your brand identity.