Wrong Size,

Wrong Color,

Wrong Style,

Just don’t like it,

Want to return it!

Send it back.

How do I package it?

If your retailer uses a dual peel n seal Polyjacket from PAC you have the package in your hands already.

How does it work – The retailer packs the item inside the Dual Seal – Polyjacket mailer as they would normally.  They remove the first peel-n-seal release liner and securely close the mailer and send it off to you.

Your package arrives, and you open it along the perforation between the tapes.  You’re excited about your new clothes, shoes or whatever it may be…until you realize one of the above disappointments.   The retailer accepts returns easily with the included paperwork.  So what about a package?

No problem – place it back in the very same mailer it arrived in.  Remove the second release liner securely and close it up – place the shipping label on the outside, and you are ready to send it back.

You are happy because you did not have to buy new packaging to send it back in.

The retailer is happy because they know they have a secure package coming back that will protect the item so they can resell it.

The courier is happy because it ships in a package they handle daily.

The environment is happy because resources were not used for the second shipment.

Dual Seal Polyjacket from PAC – Smart!