The Ecojacket® curbside recyclable paper mailer is an eco-friendly mailer that does the same job as a poly bubble mailer with the added benefit of being able to drop it in your curbside recycling bin. Maybe you are wondering if paper-based mailers are as protective, how curbside recyclable mailers compare to boxes, or how Ecojacket differs from other sustainable shipping products. We have the answers to all of your questions about our new mailer, Ecojacket.  

Yes, paper-based mailers can offer the same amount of protection as poly bubble mailers. 

In most instances, Ecojacket performs as well, or even better, than a typical poly bubble mailer. Ecojacket was tested to the same rigorous standards that are used by the world’s top e-commerce retailers to evaluate packaging. It passed drop tests from various heights and angles in addition to puncture tests, proving it is a tough, and sustainable, mailer.  

The key to Ecojacket’s durability is its unique design. The mailer is made from a natural kraft paper that is bonded to a fluted interior that acts as a cushion. The flutes inside are scored diagonally to make the mailer less rigid and allow it to conform to its contents.  

Paper-based mailers are the cost-effective alternative to a box — and provide great protection.  

For many products, boxes are not the best curbside recyclable shipping solution. Ecojacket outperforms the box on many levels. One of the main reasons a paper mailer will outperform a box is its lightweight design. Lightweight mailers are easier to transport, easier to store, and less expensive to ship.  

In addition to its small footprint on the shelves, Ecojacket has a much smaller carbon footprint than a box, both during production and during recycling. Not to mention, boxes require the addition of infill materials to provide superior protection against damage. The fluted padding on our sustainable mailer conforms to its contents. This means the item inside won’t experience a double impact from droppage, as it would if it were bumping around inside a box.  

EcojacketWhat makes Ecojacket different from other sustainable mailers? 

Ecojacket is designed to meet the highest standards of quality and has been tested rigorously for performance. The mailer is constructed with a bottom fold and two heat-sealed sides, resulting in superior bursting strength in comparison to other paper mailers that are sealed on three sides. The pressure-sensitive closure system is reliable and tamper-evident. An integrated pull-tab with a tear strip allows the mailer to be opened quickly without damaging its contents. 



Ecojacket comes in three popular e-commerce mailer sizes with plenty of area for custom printing and low minimum order quantities. Sizes are:  

10.5” x 9.25” with an imprint area of 10.25” x 9” 

10.5” x 15.25” with an imprint area of 10.25” x 15” 

12.5” x 18.25” with an imprint area of 12.25” x 18” 

All Ecojackets have a 2” flap and a flute height of 3/32”. Flutes are compressed at the entry point to provide for comfortable and quick filling.  

It is all of these thoughtfully designed elements that make Ecojacket a perfect choice for companies who want to use a sustainable shipping mailer and give their customers the benefit of curbside recyclability, without compromising protection and quality. Learn more at: