Our commitment to sustainability is growing along with our product line. Meet our new curbside recyclable mailer, Ecojacket®!

Our team has been hard at work developing a paper-padded mailer that offers consumers the convenience of curbside recyclability. This patent-pending recyclable mailer delivers much of the same convenience and protection as a poly mailer. It’s made from natural kraft paper bonded to a fluted interior, outfitted with a reliable pressure-sensitive adhesive strip, and constructed with strong heat seals that won’t burst.  

What makes the Ecojacket mailer different from other curbside recyclable shipping options?

The Ecojacket mailer isn’t simply an average paper padded mailer. With nearly 50 years of experience designing packaging products, PAC’s team knew that we couldn’t create a basic paper mailer and have it meet our customers’ demand for a curbside recyclable shipping mailer. We had to make it just as easy-to-use and reliable as the poly mailer alternative. The Ecojacket mailer is designed with: 

  • Natural kraft paper bonded to evenly-spaced flutes for consistent cushioning – no more messy fill material in your padded paper mailer 
  • Easy open tear strip – customers can gain access quickly  
  • Crushed and folded flutes at the throat – fast and safe loading  
  • Tamper-evident closure and side heat seals – superior burst strength and reliable security  
Why did we develop a curbside recyclable mailer?

As part of PACs commitment to sustainability, we are driven to push the market forward in innovating better and more environmentally friendly packaging options. The demand from consumers for businesses to adopt an easy-to-recycle shipping mailer is higher than ever. With our experience, state-of-the-art machinery, and a strong dedication to operating sustainably, we chose to tackle this task. 

Recyclable mailers will increase recycling rates, save water, preserve natural habitats, and decrease the impact on landfills and oceans. For more information on these impacts, view this infographic

What can I ship in the Ecojacket mailer?

This curbside recyclable mailer comes in three industry-standard stock sizes to fit a variety of products and can also be produced in custom sizes. It is ideal for shipping items such as cosmetics, jewelry, books, and more.

Learn more and order Ecojacket here