Here at PAC Worldwide, we know how important protection is when it comes to shipping your goods. And we are always looking for ways to improve our mailers to ensure that your products stay secure during transit. We took a look at our patent-pending Ecojacket mailer and decided to make one of our strongest and most sustainable products all the better.


Introducing the flex feature

For all of our mailers, protection is the priority. That’s why Ecojacket is now equipped with a new flex feature — a sliced corrugated lining on the interior of the mailer. This detail allows the mailer to be more conformable and ensures that your product stays in place during transit. Ecojacket’s latest addition gives your goods the padded protection you can trust to keep you and your customers satisfied.

The same features you know and love

In addition to the extra protection and padding, our Ecojacket mailer has all the features you look for in a quality mailer. Made from all-natural kraft paper, Ecojacket is just as protective as a poly bubble mailer and passed rigorous drop and puncture tests with flying colors. The easy-to-use opening and closing systems ensure that packaging is a breeze without compromising the protection of your goods.

Not only is the Ecojacket a great way to downsize from boxes filled with pillows or packing peanuts, in turn saving you DIM weight and the cost of over-packaging, but it’s also more environmentally friendly. Show off your company’s sustainability with the all-natural, fully curbside recyclable Ecojacket. Take it one step further by fully customizing your mailers with our six-color printing process to enhance your customer’s image of your brand.

It’s the same Ecojacket you know and love, just upgraded for better protection and durability. We are always looking to improve our shipping solutions and deliver the best products to our customers — so you can too.


Take your packaging to the next level and “flex” your sustainability promise with the patent-pending Ecojacket!