Once you have a baby, you start receiving package after package on your doorstep (mostly purchased by you online).

Today I came home and discovered yet another very large box stuffed with plastic air-filled pillows, wrapped around an item that fits into the palm of my hand, that wouldn’t break if I tossed it across the room.

This excessive packaging is not only bad for the environment, but must cost the sender of my product (in this case ANOTHER little pair of baby shoes) a fortune!

I’m already sleep deprived, have neck spasms from holding down my hyper child on the diaper changer, and have a strange crust in my hair that I can only assume is baby food (or at least I hope that’s what it is).

The last thing I want to deal with is popping 20 air-pillows with a fork because I can’t find one of my 55 pairs of scissors (this is what happens when you baby proof).

Being a mom I don’t have time to brush my teeth, let alone take time to pop each one of those air-pillows, so that it won’t take up half my kitchen trash can! Then use that same fork to slice the tape open on the box (this fork, like my car keys now covered in tape goo) and then jump on it with my slipper covered feet.

This same item can be shipped in a bubble mailer. This product will still be protected in transit, no need for a fork with the handy built-in tear strip, it’s less expensive for the sender and the package is recyclable. 

For the sake of all mothers, just keep it simple