It is tempting to believe that every aspect of a business is handled best when it is controlled by the business owner. After all, owners usually have the most invested in getting it right, right? Many experts disagree. They argue that outsourcing parts of a business can make it more profitable, efficient, and enjoyable by allowing business owners to focus on what they do best.

For e-commerce companies, outsourcing fulfillment has become more common than ever. Businesses are learning to run lean on internal staff who handle only their strongest areas of expertise while hiring outside experts to do their thing with existing infrastructure, tools, and training. PAC has seen firsthand how businesses benefit from outsourcing through our contract services department. With a wide range of services in the contract packaging and fulfillment space, our expertise and highly trained staff handle the types of tasks that take time away from higher-level priorities for business owners.

Uneven demand is a top reason for engaging with a contract fulfillment services company. Contract packaging services can offer extra support all the time, or only during times of increased demand. PAC can also handle special projects to save time and money associated with training and hiring additional labor.

Kitting, blistering, shrink wrapping, and bagging are some of the specialized fulfillment services that can be outsourced to PAC. Kitting is often used for sample packs or bulk purchases when several individual items need to be sorted and packaged together. Blister packaging allows the consumer to see the product in its three-dimensional form while still protecting it from damage and tampering. Shrinkwrap is a lightweight and cost-effective way to bundle bulky items before shipping. All these packaging procedures take a different type of machinery, material, and training to execute, and PAC has them all covered.

In addition to the different types of packaging services that are ideal for outsourcing, the PAC contract services team has highly trained staff who can handle complex tasks such as display build-outs, assembly, reworks and inspections, and collating. You never know when the need for one of these services will arise. Having a relationship with a trusted contractor can be invaluable when a business is presented with an opportunity to scale quickly.

As we head into the busy summer season, your company may be facing challenges related to demand fluctuation or a shortage of labor for fulfillment. Contact PAC contract services to explore the possibilities of working with our team to make sure your team operates for peak performance and profit.