QUICK…What is the first company that comes to mind when you envision a package sitting on someone’s doorstep?


I think I know the company you are thinking of…

The reason we are probably thinking of the same company is because they brand their packaging and you see their package EVERYWHERE, on doorstep after doorstep.


Now if this ginormous company above decided not to brand their packaging… and instead these unbranded mailers or boxes were still sitting on doorstep after doorstep, would you know who they were?


Now think, if you have a booming ecommerce site, and you’re sending out thousands of packages a day, don’t you think this prime marketing real estate (the face of the package that sits on thousands and thousands of doorsteps a day) is a branding must?


Think about how many people drive past those doorsteps (now have your brand in their head), walk past those doorsteps (now have your brand in their head), and your customer who excitedly receives this beautifully branded package now has this lasting impression… now that’s how to represent a company and how to ingrain your brand into the minds of everyone!

PS. Was the company Amazon? I thought so.