It is a good question.  One that is probably being asked over and over again in e-commerce companies around the world as they contemplate how to keep up with demand or how to increase output while decreasing labor costs.  There is a lot that goes into making a decision when it comes to purchasing an automated packaging machine.  It is a lot more complex than just purchasing some padded mailers.  Some questions you may be asking yourself, or should be asking yourself are:

–          Do we ship enough packages daily to warrant an automated packaging machine?

–          How many more packages a day will we be able to ship out?

–          How much does it cost?

–          How much is the film?

–          Are we obligated to buy film from the machine supplier?

–          What is my ROI?

–          Heat seal or cold seal solution?

–          How will it integrate with my WMS?

–          It is easy to learn on and train others?

–          What if the machine goes down

–          Do I have to buy a machine with all the bells and whistles or can I add on as my   business grows and expands?

–          Why is your machine better than others out there?

These are just some of the questions that we are asked about daily by companies that are investigating automated packaging machines.  We think we have a pretty great solution for you with the PACjacket™, but really until you start asking the questions and getting the answers you need, you just won’t know.

We know that choosing the right automated packaging machine is a long, well thought out process, as it should be.  We are here to help with the process and hopefully offer you a great solution.

Do we want to sell machines?  Absolutely, but only if it is the right thing for your company.  If your company sells fragile, glass lamps… heavy duty boxes and voidfill or bubble are probably your best bet and we will point you in that direction.  If on the other hand your company is using padded mailers or bubble mailers for shipping out products and is at a certain volume threshold, then let’s talk.

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