In a fluctuating economy, one of the most difficult aspects of any goods-based business is managing logistics and fulfillment. Even during stable times, the burden of hiring, training, maintaining warehouse space, and adapting to changing demands is considerable. The increasingly complex fulfillment environment, combined with customer demand for timely and consistent shipments, has motivated more companies to outsource all or part of their fulfillment operations to companies that specialize in contract packaging. Outsourcing reduces the stressors by taking away some of the biggest fulfillment burdens. Today, many businesses are realizing that, when it comes to fulfillment, less is more 

1. Less warehouse space: Without the need to store products and packaging materials, the space required to run a business can be decreased significantly. This saves money, time, and hassle associated with finding the right sized space for current needs while still accommodating growth. 














2. Less reliance on in-house warehouse and production staffing: Anyone who has staffed a warehouse knows it can be a complex prospect to find the right people with the right skills, not to mention training them. This is particularly difficult for smaller businesses that don’t have expertise in implementing logistics and fulfillment processes. Without the need to rely on in-house warehouse staffing and training, businesses can remain more focused on other goals and growth. 

3. Less fluctuation in fulfillment times:  Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, shipping turnaround times were already a major factor in customer purchasing decisionsThe emphasis on reliable shipping and fast turnaround times is only increasing during the pandemic. A reliable, well-connected fulfillment partner has the resources to keep shipment times steady and keep customers satisfied.  

When there is less hassle from fulfillment and logistics, your business ends up with more. More time to dedicate to business goals, more bandwidth to seek and hire the right employeesand more confidence in the expertise of your fulfillment team. If you’d like to explore contract packaging, speak with a PAC contract packaging specialist to see what it could mean for your business.