My township charges me $2.00 per trash bag that I am forced to use at my curb for trash. They also pick up almost all non garbage at the pick up so one pricey bag a week is all I need. As my family orders items from internet retailers and on line sellers, it always fascinates me as I see how they are shipped and whether a box or mailer is used. As a packaging rep and a ‘home recycling cop’ I take notice when packaging is “undercooked” or “overcooked.Why oh why does a shipper use a box when a bubble mailer or poly mailer will do the job AND save them labor and shipping costs? During my career, I have seen companies spend thousands in payroll dollars using workers to unstrap, transport, erect, and then tape shut a box when a bubble or poly mailer would have done the job. It seems crazy to use a box, void fill, and then tape to send items through the mail or courier stream.  Some pallets of boxes may have only 3 or 4000 per pallet. A comparable sized Pac Worldwide bubble mailer will be 9600 on a pallet.  When a PAC mailer is subbed in for a box the operator loads it, pulls off the release liner, seals it and places the label on.  They always take up less space in an outbound truck and usually cost less to ship. Customers who have transitioned away from boxes end up saving money in labor costs, shipping costs and per package handling costs.  Cases of mailers take up much less space on a packaging station so the packer doesn’t need to retrieve supplies as often as well.  PLUS, their box tape costs practically evaporate!  Mailers are worth considering when looking at packaging solutions for your operation.  Unpadded poly mailers will give PLENTY of protection for soft goods and when bubble protection is needed those come in a wide variety of sizes and will keep your goods safe. The country’s biggest couriers use them every day why can’t your company?