Kids going back to school

A slight chill in the morning when you wake up

The leaves on the trees just barely starting to change colors

The sun setting earlier

College football about to start…

All signs of summer coming to an end.  These are also signs for e-tailers that the busy season is just around the corner and will be here before you know it.  So if you have not already started your planning or if you find yourself in a bind as you get deep into the season, call on PAC Worldwide to make your job easier and make you look like a hero.  Yes, this is a sales plug (1-800-535-0039 or, but really PAC’s job is not to just provide you packaging but to provide you with tools and solutions to make your job easier.  It is what we do and we do it with a well tenured team of Sales Managers and Customer Service Representatives as well as a great operations and manufacturing group.

So as you enjoy the last days of summer and roll into the busy season, remember PAC is here for you