In today’s e-commerce marketplace, it is crucial for businesses to make a strong impression on consumers throughout the entire selling cycle.  It is obvious that these companies invest large sums of money into their marketing strategies to generate interest.

Just take a look or listen to their television ads, radio ads, website designs, direct mail pieces, print advertising in magazines and newspapers, etc, etc,……..

All of this is considered necessary to create brand recognition and awareness so that these companies can make the sale over their competitor’s product line.

With all this emphasis on Brand Identity, why stop once the sale has been made and just send the product to the customer in a plain brown box?  These companies can easily jazz up these shipments by branding their packaging to assure the consumer is being wowed all the way up to actually receiving the product.

PAC Worldwide is a leader in “Branding deliveries”.  They are able to print up to 8 color artwork on all the mailers they provide.  This includes Paper and Poly Bubble mailers, Flat Poly Mailers, as well as rigid paper board mailers.  In many cases, these printed mailer versions are even less expensive then plain corrugated boxes.

Not only will the buyer be happy to know what is sitting on his or her doorstep, but everyone else who sees this shipment while in transit will be exposed to the seller’s brand.  It is widely known that branded shipments help create the brand recognition that is so desperately sought after.  At least 6-7 consumers will either see or touch a package from the time it leaves its distribution point.  That could include post office, couriers, or sortation center employees.  It could be a receptionist, fellow office employee, or neighbor.

When you purchase from a retailer at the mall, they don’t send you away with a plain handled bag for your goods, so why mail you your product in that manner?