What if you could improve cost, increase fulfillment speed, enhance customer satisfaction and reduce your carbon footprint with one simple business decision? We’ll give you the secrets to help you do it all!

When you ship in a right-sized poly mailer, you will:

  1. Lower your shipping costs. Boxes are expensive to ship to and from your business. Poly mailers are lighter and sleeker, making them far less expensive to ship. Calculate your savings here: Mailer vs. Box Tool.
  2. Mailers can come with custom graphics and are ready to pack, seal and send in a flash. Wicket mailers can further increase fulfillment speed by another 20 percent. This means fast fulfillment.
  3. Optimize warehouse space. Consider the space you would need to store 1,000 ready-to-go mailers versus alternative shipping solutions. You might even be able to downsize your warehouse!
  4. Lower your carbon footprint. Corrugated box production and recycling emit significantly more greenhouse gasses and use significantly more energy than poly mailer production and recycling. It also puts more trucks on the road and more particulates into the air. Learn more here.
  5. Increase customer satisfaction: Poly mailers can be equipped with features like Dual Peel-and-seal to make it easy for the customer to reuse them for returns and exchanges.

Still not convinced that mailers are right for your product? Contact a PAC packaging specialist to learn about specialty mailers. We can also help with packaging automation solutions. Whatever your packaging goal, PAC is dedicated to ensuring your products get where they are going in the most efficient, affordable and safe manner possible.