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Paper vs. Plastic – A Direct Comparison of Corrugated Boxes vs. Poly Bubble Mailers

As a company that manufactures plastic mailers we often get questioned on what is actually better for the environment: Poly Bubble Mailers or Corrugated Boxes. When comparing 10,000 poly bubble mailers to 10,000 comparably sized corrugated boxes… A Corrugated Box uses 23 times more energy and produces 6 times more CO2 than a Bubble Mailer.

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Now it is Time to Really Think (and get) Outside of the Box

We have been working with our customers for years on getting them to “think outside of the box”. I know this term is overused and we have all heard it and used it far too many times, but here at PAC we have been working with our customers to not only think outside of the

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Drop the Box

With the increased presence of online shopping in today’s marketplace, there are a number of factors that play a role in companies determining their sell prices. In order to gain a competitive edge, many e-tailers are looking beyond the cost of their products being sold. The recent trend has been a focus on their packaging

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The New Look of Food Packaging

As a food-based manufacturer you may be looking for packaging that is not only consumer conscious but gives your brand a fresh, innovative feel. Stand-up pouches are the direction many are moving towards. They not only look great on the store shelf, but are a convenient package for the consumer, and as an added bonus

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Need Packaging?

Technology is not just about high-end electronics or the newest car show trend; it touches every part of our life … including the packaging we see and use.  Paper or plastic is not just a question that we get asked in the grocery line any more. Packaging manufacturers are working every day to minimize the

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Recycling your Mailers

Items arrive at homes and businesses daily and most of the packaging and shipping materials they come in can be recycled. Over the years PAC Worldwide has transitioned many couriers, fulfillment houses and e-retailers into mailers and away from boxes. Boxes are recyclable, but did you know almost all of PAC’s mailers are 100% recyclable as well? PAC

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