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You Say You Wanted it, When??

Believe it or not, the answer to that question can soon be –same day.  In the world of e-tailers all offering the same products and fighting for the same customers, often times the customer’s choice lies simply with who offer the fastest service. Amazon offers its “Prime” program, which gives you faster service for a

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#packaging101 We ordered a “truck load” of product and when we received it the truck was not filled to capacity.

Many times the truck will weight out before it will cube out. This is the case in particular with flat poly mailers due to the density and weight of the product.

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#packaging101 Why do truck load pallet positions vary between sizes of mailers?

On average, we can load 24 pallets per truck, however some mailer cartons have more overhang on pallet edges and leads to 22 pallets per truck.  Some have no overhang at all and allows us to load 26 pallets positions per truck.

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Sick and Tired of Chasing Down Package Components and Services?

We hear a lot about our packaging choices … paper, poly, recyclable, foam-in-place, biodegradable, the list is a long one.  There is a huge amount of work that goes into packaging choices, implementation, and delivery when that time can be better spent on many other aspects of your business. What is your company’s process of

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Hmm… where to start?

Where does one start in order to find the right amount of automation for your organization?  A return on investment (ROI) report that is a collaborative effort between your supplier and your key internal personnel who understand all of your costs of doing business is a great place to start. I always encourage customers to

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