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How to Make a Smarter Choice: Poly Bubble Mailers vs. Kraft Bubble Mailers

You ship several items of varying shapes and sizes. You know boxes are bulky and dimensional (DIM) weight costs are rising. You’ve done your research and have decided using bubble mailers, rather than slim poly mailers, will provide the extra padding and protection you’re seeking to ship your product.  Now to decide between poly bubble

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What you can learn from the Customer Service Extraordinaires

Don’t miss the boat when it comes to Returns. In light of my recent OmniChannel blog, today I’m discussing the sweeping demand for free and easy return shipping.  This expectation has been spurred on by the customer service greats of Nordstrom,, Amazon and the like.  Everyone has heard of Nordstrom’s exceptional return policy, and

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OmniChannel – What You Need to Know Defining the latest revolution in the customer shopping experience.

OmniChannel.  Most of us have heard of it.  Some of us have an idea of what it means.  Few of us fully understand its importance.  So new we’re not even sure how to properly spell it (I got the red squiggly line under my spelling of it). Past: Introduction of Social Media Think back to

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What is your contingency plan?

As I look out my window, here in Seattle,  I see a lot of container ships.  Usually I will see a couple container ships along with ferries and sail boats.  But with the labor slow down at the West Coast Ports, the ships are piling up (See LA Times:  This got me thinking about goods the

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Ever wonder what you can pack in padded mailers?

Kraft bubble mailers, also known as padded mailers are a great alternative to boxes when shipping certain small products that need a little protection.  What products you ask?  Well here is a short list: – Books (hard/soft cover)) – CD’s – DVD’s – Video Games – Mobile phones – Mobile Phone accessories – IPAD’s and

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You Say You Wanted it, When??

Believe it or not, the answer to that question can soon be –same day.  In the world of e-tailers all offering the same products and fighting for the same customers, often times the customer’s choice lies simply with who offer the fastest service. Amazon offers its “Prime” program, which gives you faster service for a

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