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What you can learn from the Customer Service Extraordinaires

Don’t miss the boat when it comes to Returns. In light of my recent OmniChannel blog, today I’m discussing the sweeping demand for free and easy return shipping.  This expectation has been spurred on by the customer service greats of Nordstrom,, Amazon and the like.  Everyone has heard of Nordstrom’s exceptional return policy, and

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Are you keeping up with the Sustainable Packaging trends of 2015?

Do you remember when the words “Green”, “Sustainable” and “Fair Trade” were simply buzzwords that carried little punch?  No one was certain what they meant, but knew they sounded progressive.  Those days are long gone.  Today, many consumers are keenly aware of a brand’s efforts, or lack thereof, to be sustainable and are voting with

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Ingrain your Brand into the Minds of Consumers Everywhere

QUICK…What is the first company that comes to mind when you envision a package sitting on someone’s doorstep?   I think I know the company you are thinking of… The reason we are probably thinking of the same company is because they brand their packaging and you see their package EVERYWHERE, on doorstep after doorstep.

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#packaging101 Are the dimensions of PAC’s product stated in outside or inside?

We generally will supply quotes for inside dimensions thus giving the actual interior space for product. You will find this spelled out clearly in our formal quotations.

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#packaging101 Why would PAC quote artwork as 5 colors or more when you have the ability to print (CMYK 4-color Process)?

Process art allows you to mix colors to achieve each desired color.  However some corporate logos require a spot color to match exactly. This helps insure brand consistency.

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#packaging101 Why is the print area limited with Digital Print?

The print head is only 4.5” wide and print needs to have a 1” void area away from each pouch seal to allow for minimal migration (movement). #Digitalprint

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