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Ecommerce packaging choices for cosmetic companies

By John Bartell   Here at PAC Worldwide we believe in getting companies “out of the box and into the bag”, when it is applicable.  Is it always applicable? No. But sometimes it is more applicable than many ecomm companies think.   This infographic makes the environmental case for why e-commerce cosmetic companies should use

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6 Steps to the Packaging Selection Process [Infographic]

If you’re new to packaging, trying to order it can be a massive headache. Do I need dual peel-n-seal? What gauge film do I want? There are different bubble heights? None of this makes sense right now, but it will. We’ve outlines the steps in order to placing your first packaging order. We’ll run through

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How to Design Striking Product Packaging from an Online Retailer’s Perspective [Infographic]

Product packaging is, needless to say, an enormous and ever-growing industry. Browsing online you’ll find countless examples of truly striking product packaging (Pinterest is my favorite for this). The kind that makes you think, “I have to buy that!” That is the point after all, right? Every brand is desperate to separate their product from

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Are you keeping up with the Sustainable Packaging trends of 2015?

Do you remember when the words “Green”, “Sustainable” and “Fair Trade” were simply buzzwords that carried little punch?  No one was certain what they meant, but knew they sounded progressive.  Those days are long gone.  Today, many consumers are keenly aware of a brand’s efforts, or lack thereof, to be sustainable and are voting with

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Time for a Packaging Audit?

Okay, you made it through the end of the year rush and holiday blitz and have had a couple of days to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. I hope you enjoyed the brief respite because now it is time to get back to work and figure out how you can make

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Ingrain your Brand into the Minds of Consumers Everywhere

QUICK…What is the first company that comes to mind when you envision a package sitting on someone’s doorstep?   I think I know the company you are thinking of… The reason we are probably thinking of the same company is because they brand their packaging and you see their package EVERYWHERE, on doorstep after doorstep.

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