DIM weight is an equation that shipping companies use to estimate the weight of your package based on its dimensions. This equation may seem obscure and complex, but all you really need to know is that the smaller your package, the lower the shipping cost, regardless of weight. Reducing DIM weight can mean saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your monthly shipping costs. Ignoring it can have the opposite effect. Reducing DIM weight takes some thought, but even small changes to DIM weight can add up to big savings, particularly for high volume shippers.

  1. Downsize from a box to a mailer. This one might be obvious, but it’s surprising how many businesses still ship in unnecessarily large boxes. Bubble mailers come in a variety of bubble sizes with larger bubble options for extra protection for items that are more fragile. This eliminates some of the need for boxes and void fill. Sturdy or soft items can be packaged in non-cushioned mailers to further reduce their package size. See how much you could save by swapping a box for a mailer with our Mailer vs. Box tool.
  2. Right-size your package. Excess void space or oversized bubble mailers add unnecessary cost to your package. Mailers should not be one-size-fits-all. Perform an audit of your products and packaging. Assess each product and package for right-size and packaging product and then adjust your packaging stock to include the smallest possible size packaging material for each product. A too-big mailer will affect your DIM weight and add unnecessary cost to your shipment.
  3. Compare carriers and negotiate: Although the major carriers use similar equations for DIM weight, you can always try to negotiate a better rate. If you are a high-volume shipper, you should be talking to both FedEx and UPS about reduced shipping weights based on the volume of your business, and always do your homework to evaluate the shipping options for different types/sizes of products.

If you aren’t convinced that small changes will make a difference in your yearly DIM weight costs, consider that swapping a 12”x12”x4” box for a 10.5”x15.25” mailer with a quantity of 100 shipments per month can save you approximately $756 per year. The savings for higher volume shippers will be exponentially greater.

With a little forethought and proper planning, you can optimize every shipment to pay the lowest possible price based on DIM weight. Want to start saving now? Request a quote or learn more about how our packaging automation can support your business needs.