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PAC Products in Action

We’ve got you covered. From clothing to shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, photo printers, parts/hardware, toys, electronics, and pharmaceuticals, PAC mailers protect your product on its way to your customer.

PACzip easy opening system

The PACzip tear strip allows mailers to be opened more easily by the recipient but does not compromise the integrity of the mailer or the security of the contents in transit.

Wicketed Mailer Side by Side Comparison

Looking for a way to speed up your fulfillment but not quite ready for automation? Check out this side by side comparison of a packer using Wicketed bags from PAC Worldwide versus a packer using traditional poly mailers.

How Many Shoeboxes Can we Ship?

Make the most of your e commerce shipments! We are able to fit multiple boxes in our #recyclable polyjacket & airjacket! Check it out!

PACjacket Smart Automated Packaging System by PAC Worldwide

See the latest installment of the PACjacket™ smart automated packaging machine series from PAC Worldwide. This video shows the innovative improvements PAC has made to the PACjacket machine, which provides customers with precise, fast, automated, packaging solution. To learn more about if the PACjacket visit


Sustainability: Bag vs. Box Video

Take a look at the materials and energy used to manufacture 10,000 poly bubble mailers vs. 10,000 corrugated boxes. Which do you think is more sustainable?