Too much pressure with this whole, “New Year’s Resolution”?  Instead of making a resolution, how about making a decision?

If you make the packaging decisions at your company and are currently using plain bubble mailers, how about looking at branded mailers or custom mailers?  I know, adding ink to a bubble mailer will add to the cost of the mailer, but think of the added exposure.  There is a reason companies brand their mailers.

You want to take it one step further?  Customize the bubble mailer.  Go with a different size, colored film or different film (matte, shiny, thicker, thinner).  Add a coupon or QR code with a message printed on the mailer.  This is a great way to let your current customers find out more about your company, the services you offer or other products you offer.  The beauty of the QR code is you can change the webpage it links to on the fly and you can track how many people are actually scanning the QR code.

Your New Year’s Resolution may have already come and gone, but have no fear, you still have time to make a decision.  A decision that could increase your branding and lead to more sales for your company, sounds a lot better than a New Year’s Resolution to me.