We have been working with our customers for years on getting them to “think outside of the box”.

I know this term is overused and we have all heard it and used it far too many times, but here at PAC we have been working with our customers to not only think outside of the box but to literally get out of the box and into bags (bubble mailers, flat poly mailers, rigged paperboard mailers,  etc).

Here are some main reasons you would choose a mailer vs a box

–          Faster fulfillment speeds

–          Less material used

–          Greener solution

–          Cost savings

Well now, we have one more to add to that list, dimensional weights. Based on recent announcements from UPS and FEDEX, in regards to dimensional weights, it is now truly time to think and get outside of the box.


The changes will effect ground shipments and are scheduled to take place at the end of 2014.  So, what are your next steps?

Start packing right, packing light, or it’s going to get pretty expensive.