PAC Worldwide was started in 1975 through our founder’s strong connection to, and compassion for, people and their businesses. The culture was born in the earliest years at PAC: we value relationship building, and as we grow, these values will remain.

Technology is amazing. It’s still a modern wonder that we can connect through not only phone calls but text messages, online conference calls, chat bots and emails. These communication platforms have made the world smaller in incomprehensible ways. But, I am grateful I can hop on a plane or a car and still be there for clients at a moment’s notice. We build solutions face-to-face, a relationship connection often missed in today’s busy world.

We feel our PAC sales team is second to none. They are carefully screened and selected to make sure they are representing our organization at the highest level of professionalism and intellect. They are an outstanding group of people, in their positions for a very specific reason: they are empathetic, customer-obsessed professionals that want every business they interact with to succeed and feel heard. Our sales team is not only encouraged, but required, to get in front of the customer. It’s the heart of our mission and vision that dates back nearly 45 years.

We not only Protect the Things People Care About™, but we protect the people we care about. So if you’d like, feel free to hit us up on Facebook or LinkedIn, or even send us a tweet. But our face-to-face relationships are at the center of everything we do, and we would be excited to meet you wherever you are. Thank you for supporting PAC, we value you and our current clients.

Steve Foster
Chief Sales Officer

Steve Foster Chief Sales Officer PAC Worldwide