PAC Worldwide is not only a leader and innovator in the development, manufacturing and automation of premium packaging solutions, but a leader in workplace culture. We put our people first, and in turn, we put our social media followers first. It is with this sentiment that we announce the launch of our PAC Worldwide Careers Facebook page, dedicated to job postings, recruitment, internship opportunities, industry career tips and information and PAC culture. Now PAC’s career information is in one centralized location, making it easier for talent, partners and customers to get acquainted with our company and our opportunities.

Additionally, we announce the launch of our new, corporate Facebook page. This page is a resource for our talent, partners and customers to understand our products and services, new initiatives, and insider industry news, tips, and information. PAC is a thought leader in the manufacturing and packaging industries; our corporate page echoes our expertise, delivering relevant curated content to keep businesses and customers informed.

As PAC grows, we are committed to delivering targeted content to our followers. You choose the information you want to receive, and we keep you informed and delighted. Follow @PACWorldwide for corporate news, @PACWorldwideCareers for recruitment information, or both for a holistic view of our company.

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