What were you doing in 1975?

Perhaps watching some of these movies…

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
The Hindenburg
The Stepford Wives

Or listening to these albums…

Led Zeppelin- Physical Graffiti
Bruce Springsteen- Born to Run
Bob Dylan- Blood on the Tracks
Earth, Wind and Fire- That’s the way of the world
KC & the Sunshine Band- Get Down Tonight
Abba – Abba

Or started working for one of these companies…

Delorean Motor Corp
Industrial Light and Magic
Members Only
Nordic Track

A lot of things happened in 1975, the above movies and albums were released and the noted companies started in 1975.  Some of these I am sure you remember well, others not so well or not at all.  Some movies and music pass the test of time while others fade into obscurity.  I think the same can be said for companies.  Why do some companies survive and thrive after 40 years and others don’t even reach that milestone and wither on the vine and fade into obscurity?  I ponder all of this because PAC Worldwide Corporation turns 40 today, March 5th, 2015.  Personally, I think it has to do with the culture, the people, the products we manufacture and the services we provide. Throw in innovation, forward thinking, and strong leadership and it sounds like a recipe for success to me.  But to be sure I posed the question to the founders of the company (Phil & Cathy Boshaw). I like their answers and I look forward to another 40 years of PAC Worldwide.

Whenever we think about PAC, we quickly bypass it’s humble 1975 ‘spare bedroom’ beginning, and focus, with wonder and pride, at the current 500 strong company that it has become.  PAC’s success, is not of our making, but rather it has been the team of people along the way for the past 40 years, that are responsible. Today, the innovative spirit, talent and dedication of the PAC team is what drives it! The people of PAC are it’s ‘heart’!  They not only defined who we are today, but they are writing the story of our future.” – Phil & Cathy Boshaw