I am a big fan of Apple from many different perspectives. 

I love their products.  They continue to amaze me with the advancements they make with each new product. 

I truly appreciate how they go to market.  They create a demand from the consumer and essentially get people to forget about the cost of their items. 

I feel they are a very well-run organization.  Everyone knows of Steve Jobs but Tim Cook has been the CEO when Apple has rolled out some of its most impressive products.  The most recently announced dividend for shareholders keeps that juggernaut of a stock going higher and higher.  We all hear that Mr. Jobs had a list of ideas that would allow Apple to continue its success for years but that does not discount how effective Mr. Cook has been as a leader and decision maker.  Mr. Cook has been traveling to China to further establish relationships with a vastly untapped market that could purchase Apple products but one would think his personal visits have to involve the discussions of acquiring companies that are essential to their products.  By integrating backwards, Apple would be able to better control their costs and ultimately create a higher overall company margin on their products they sell to people like you and me.

We may not all have $98 billion dollars in our bank accounts that are burning holes in our pockets but the concept Apple has can carry over to almost every company.  Invest in our own organization so we can help better control the costs of what we sell.  We all know getting increases on our products can be difficult at times.  Perhaps we look to integrate backwards so we can make our products more valuable in terms of profit for our own companies.

The PACJacket system will allow each customer to produce their own right size mailers, both flat poly and poly bubble, which allows companies to better control their spend on packaging material and significantly reduce the labor burden associated with the shipping/distribution portion of one’s  business and better utilize those employees in areas that need attention.