As many Americans take their chubby bodies to gyms and on outside walking trails these days they are realizing the GREAT benefits of weight reduction. They are thinking, why should I carry these extra pounds around every day when with a small effort I can be lighter. These folks are trying to reduce their costs on medicines and health care.  Extra steps from a faraway parking spot or just taking the stairs can make all the difference.  A little bit of effort several times per week is yielding a wonderful result over time.

   Many of our mailer customers at PAC Worldwide have done the same thing with their packaging and fulfillment demands. Small changes that were implemented at the packaging stations have continued to provide benefits year after year. With consultation and trials that PAC has provided, they are seeing many ways to reduce their packaging and freight costs. 

 Many national and independent companies that ship sportswear and soft goods have seen that they can eliminate boxes entirely by switching to poly mailers. These PolyJackets are very light yet durable, stack easily at the packaging table, come in a wide variety of sizes and save with reduced freight costs. PolyJackets range in sizes from 6.25 x 9” all the way up to 24” x 24’. PAC also stocks a recycled grey selection of these as well.  Why erect, tape, fill a box and tape again when these PolyJackets are a simple two step procedure.  Slip your product in the mailer and use the release liner with tape ALREADY PROVIDED! Clothing and soft goods will arrive safe and dry.  

     If warehousing space is an issue, these poly mailers will free up many pallet locations in your warehouse.  Some smaller corrugated boxes may be stacked 10-12M on a skid. A 7.5” x 10” PolyJacket comes 72,000 per skid! Since this size is packed 1000/case, less time is also spent on restacking and refilling packaging materials at the packaging stations.  They can go to the supply area and return to their stations with 1000 mailers under their arm.

    So if you are looking to “trim the fat” and put your packaging and shipping costs on a much needed diet it’s time to consider PAC Worldwide for mailers.