PAC is a manufacturer of paperboard mailers known as “MailJackets”. Typically, our lower weighted paperboard, (12pt – 16pt)  is used for document protection during shipment. The higher weighted board, (18pt – 26pt) is more commonly used for photo mailing protection.

Did you know, the same paperboard material we use to construct MailJackets can be used for so much more? The varying board weights can be constructed into numerous custom packaging concepts like folding cartons and display boards.

Picture a donut style box – PAC manufactures these low-weighted board styles for several fulfillment centers who are packing and shipping various items like sunglasses, cosmetics, sample kits…you name it. The paperboard is constructed into a folding carton style, packed with product and then master packed into corrugate for shipment to a retail center.

This same paperboard material can also be used for display style packaging with addition of a viewing window. Have you ever received a refurbished phone? You open the box and there sits your highly anticipated, new and all functions working (you hope!) phone displayed nice and clean. PAC has several manufacturing capabilities to support such packaging concepts and needs. All with the use of a lightweight paperboard versus heavy, costly corrugate.

Our team of creative professionals is here to help visualize and mold your packaging needs and concept into something spectacular and cost-friendly!