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Security Seals, Labels and Tape

Tamper Evident Seals and Labels

In addition to our Securejacket security bag line, PAC offers an array of Security Products including security tapes, labels and seals, for a wide variety of purposes and security levels.

Self Voiding Tapes and Labels

Self voiding products provide instant physical evidence of tampering, by revealing a hidden message. They can be used for authentication, theft reduction, protection against counterfeiting and piracy, increasing privacy, warranty validation, and keeping an area secure. These products are commonly used for sealing boxes, pallets, containers, mailers, healthcare/pharmaceutical, evidence, crime scenes, totes, luggage, shipping crates, election/ballot machines, and warranty seals.

Security Seals

Security Seals provide a high level of security and tamper resistance. Security seals can be customized to fit your needs and are available in plastic or metal, personalized or standard.These products are commonly used for bank deposits, document transport bags, fire extinguishers, emergency equipment, retail merchandise, storage identification, healthcare/pharmaceutical, logistics/transportation, and airline food/beverage carts.

Tape and Label Inks

Available inks include: colored, photochromic, glow in the dark, irreversible thermochromic, reversible thermochromic, and DNA inks.

Tape and Label Personalization

Increase security and personalize with these available options: sequential numbers (both subsurface and surface), customer specific text, bar coding, logos, size, shape, overt or covert, and security cuts.

Tape and Label Adhesives

The choice of adhesive is dependent on the surface the label is to be applied to, as well as the following considerations:

  • Permanent Tamper Evidence: Label or tape to leave a permanent residue on the surface.
  • Non Residue Tamper Evidence: Label or tape to be peelable and leave no residue on the surface.
  • Partial Transfer Tamper Evidence: Label leaves a partial residue on the surface, which can be easily removed when rubbed.
  • High temperature resistant
  • Ambient temperature resistant
  • Low temperature resistant
  • Specific “in-house” ranges to keep customer choice easy i.e: X20 and X200

Seal Options

Available in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. Special customization options such as company branding/personalization, sequential numbering (up to 7 characters), and barcodes are available. Seals come in plastic, metal, cable seals or bolt seals.